Accurate, fast,trend based searches
We recognize the necessity of expertise and process management in a rapidly changing economic scenario. And that the recruitment process outsourcing solutions incorporates speed, flexibility and accountability to the recruitment process.

Ad Astra enables both large and mid-sized companies to attain a world-class recruitment function. Our recruitment process outsourcing team works hand-in-hand with your HR management structure to build a comprehensive solution for managing entire recruitment life cycle. It takes into account 1) The individual, 2) The role and 3) The Business, thus aligning all three critical aspects to a measurable dimension of cost, quality and speed.

Our proprietary bespoke cloud-based automation tool “A Cube” is plugged in with AI and ML to partner your hiring needs. It can help you manage the entire recruitment lifecycle for your professional-level staff through a single dashboard. The technology allows for accurate and fast trend-based searches, pin code hiring and a wide range of management reporting formats.

How we do it