Job searching while pregnant: how do you tell recruiters?
By Mamta Sharma
People Matters - May 24, 2023

Pregnancy disclosure during the recruitment process is a deeply personal decision that carries significance for both job candidates and potential employers.

However, successfully navigating this sensitive topic requires careful consideration and informed choices.

In a conversation with People Matters, Nirupama VG, MD of Ad Astra Consultants, a talent solutions firm

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India’s EV boom opens up vistas for job aspirants
Bizz Buzz - 16 May 2023

Indian electric vehicle (EV) market is projected to grow from $3.21 billion in 2022 to $113.99 billion by 2029 at a CAGR of 66.52 per cent by 2029. With the government’s aim to go fully electric by 2030

Indian electric vehicle (EV) market is projected to grow from $3.21 billion in 2022 to $113.99 billion by 2029 at a CAGR of 66.52 per cent by 2029. With the government’s aim to go fully electric by 2030, severa

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Ace your next interview with ChatGPT’s expert tips
By India Today
May 9, 2023

Job interviews are fascinating. Whatever the role, level, or industry, job interviews are learning experiences - for the interviewer and the job-seeker. Having said this, one of the most exciting observations in recent times has been watching how ChatGPT can prepare competent candidates for interviews.

With its human-like text and data-driven insights, the AI Chatbots can provide job seekers with valuable inputs on how

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Is EV the new IT in India?
By The Economic Times
April 3, 2023

Seven years from now, the Electronic Vehicle (EV) industry is slated to hire ten million people, i.e., ten million as direct recruits into the EV industry and another 50 million in EV-allied jobs, as per IBEF reports. Even in a buoyant job market, this figure is staggering. Coming from auto-industry leaders and the Government of India, the news ushers opportu

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Blogger’s Park: Why look at the rear-view mirror?
By Nirupama VG, MD
Financial Express - March 29, 2023

Legacy might not be sustainable for some family businesses

We have witnessed dissent between family members over control of their family enterprise turn into a public, corporate fracas. Billionaire family members have engaged in long feuds over the future of their century-old global business empire. More recently, we have seen companies being put on the block, because of the unwillingness of the next-gen to ru

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Robust final placements at top B-schools allay fears of slowdown in hiring
By Shobha Roy
13 March, 2023

Hiring intent for freshers has improved by 3 per cent for the current half-year (January–June, 2023) over the July–December 2022 half-year

Amid reports of massive layoffs in the IT industry, the robust final placements at top B-schools including the IIMs (Indian Institute of Management) seems to have allayed fears of a large scale slowdown in hiring. According to industry experts, there has been a ri

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The Founders of Ad Astra get Featured on Forbes for creating a Global Recruitment Firm
By Forbes
Forbes India Marquee, June 2021

Diversity, women empowerment & leadership have always been sought-after topics globally. Today, the participation of women within the economy has been a matter of concern, especially for Leadership levels. But this is gradually changing as some women do take the plunge to set a personal example. Nirupama and Jayanthi have been such leaders who have overcome all odds and set an example that is close to being unparalleled when compared to many industry leaders. They a

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Ad Astra gets global recognition from Oxford Economics, a world leader in forecasting and quantitative analysis
By The SME
Times News Bureau - June 29, 2018
Bangalore, June 30, 2018: Ad Astra, one of the largest full-suite recruitment service providers in India, has received global recognition for getting its case study published in ‘The American Express Global SME Pulse 2018’, conducted by Oxford Economics. The report titled ‘SME Pulse 2018 – Strategies for Sustainable Growth’ is a global study to explore how SMEs are unlocking growth and playing to their unique strengths in 2018. Ad Astra is the only Indian HR firm that has been considered for
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What India Can learn from South East Asia
Management Next Stay Inspired, June, 2013
BANGALORE: Memories of the big financial crisis that raved South-East Asian Countries in late 1900s and early 20000 are still fresh. The speed with which they recovered is largely due to pro-active government policies. India prides itself for staying out of trouble due to conservative financial and banking policies. But India is lagging behind these economies in far sighted labour policies and implementation. My HR consulting takes me to several capitals of South east Countries where I find Indi
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Jobless in India is an unexploded bomb
China Daily Asia Weekly February 18-24, 2011
Unlike many countries in the world, India has fought off the scourge of the global economic crisis that has resulted in large-scale unemployment. The rate of decline in employment is minor. But there lies a vast gray area in a country where countless young people are still struggling to be gainfully employed. India is saddled with this problem even as its scorching economy has started spewing out thousands of new opportunities, and a growing number of young people are willing to grab anythin
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C level hiring is on in full swing
Mini Joseph Tejaswi
The Times of India May 20, 2010
Bangalore: Not just campus recruitment, the 'C' level (read leadership) hiring too is back again, after a recession induced 20-month slumber. With this, third party hirers have a huge mandate to hunt suitable CXO candidates to fill thousands of vacant and newly created positions across industry verticals. Nirupama V G, MD of recruitment firm Ad Astra. With this, third party hirers have a huge mandate to hunt suitable CXO candidates to fill thousands of vacant and newly created positi
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It’s a spending/saving time for techies
Mini Joseph Tejaswi
The Hindu May 10, 2010
With the industry lifting its two-year freeze on salary hikes and bonus payouts, Indian IT employees are on a high. But this time round, their consumption pattern tells a different story. While the younger techies are again the high spenders, the seniors are enlarging their savings pool. The country has close to two million IT and ITeS employees, earning an average salary of Rs 6 lakh. With an average 10-12 per cent hike by IT firms, this amounts to about an additional Rs 5,000 a month for a
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India’s diverse talent pool attracts MNCs
Mini Joseph Tejaswi
The Times of India February 5, 2010
India's quality pool of diverse talent seems to be attracting global enterprises to the country. Ashok Reddy, MD of staffing firm TeamLease, said no other market offered the kind of diverse and quality talent that india does. "Our talent pool comes with a proven record of working in challenging and complex environments. They are capable of replicating this success wherever they are posted," he said. An official of a headhunting company said it is already involved in sourcing talent for job
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