India’s diverse talent pool attracts MNCs
Mini Joseph Tejaswi
The Times of India February 5, 2010

India’s quality pool of diverse talent seems to be attracting global enterprises to the country.

Ashok Reddy, MD of staffing firm TeamLease, said no other market offered the kind of diverse and quality talent that india does. “Our talent pool comes with a proven record of working in challenging and complex environments. They are capable of replicating this success wherever they are posted,” he said.

An official of a headhunting company said it is already involved in sourcing talent for jobs overseas, while some others said they have been receiving queries from global companies directly or via third party.

“Look at the philippines, it is facing a severe shortage of senior executives in its BPO industry. We have already sourced many for the country. Australia is another market where there is dearth of talent across industry domains. Also, telecom is the new vertical for most of Africa, and the countries there want to hire from India,” said Nirupama V G, MD of recruitment firm Ad Astra

Many high-tech job posting are said to be currently vacant in companies across France, Spain, Germany, Norway, Finland, Sweden, the Czech Republic and Switzerland. Companies will start hiring for these positions once recovery firmly sets in. “But their talent pipeline is dry as they don’t produce much talent. So one important option will be to import talent in technology, financial services, investment banking, consulting, product engineering and R&D. Like music, technology jobs can transcend language bariers (which are high in continental Europe),” said B S Murthy, CEO of recruitment firm HumanCapital

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