Ad Astra gets global recognition from Oxford Economics, a world leader in forecasting and quantitative analysis
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Times News Bureau - June 29, 2018

Bangalore, June 30, 2018: Ad Astra, one of the largest full-suite recruitment service providers in India, has received global recognition for getting its case study published in ‘The American Express Global SME Pulse 2018’, conducted by Oxford Economics.

The report titled ‘SME Pulse 2018 – Strategies for Sustainable Growth’ is a global study to explore how SMEs are unlocking growth and playing to their unique strengths in 2018. Ad Astra is the only Indian HR firm that has been considered for participating in the study.

Oxford Economics, headquartered at Oxford, is a leader in global forecasting and quantitative analysis and does a global study on SMEs for Amex every year. This year, more than 3000 SMEs from 12 countries and 16 industries have been interviewed for the global study. The report covers SMEs that are growing fast to understand more about shifting customer demands and invest in better and faster information systems to improve decision making.

Key points from Ad Astra case study

Retaining talent is the key success mantra for growth. Ad Astra has excelled in this through long-term retention of talent and, therefore, clients.

Rapid sales growth from $1 million dollar in 2015 to around $5 million dollar today.

The company helps SMEs develop professional anagement strategies and shape their incoming generation of leaders.

It empowers staff in decision making and offers equity for long-serving and high-performing employees.

It recognizes the need to innovate and introduce new technologies to continue the process smoothly.

The case study quotes Ms Nirupama V G, Managing Director of Ad Astra. She says external financing is essential to accelerate growth by making the big investments in marketing, branding, and setting up of new offices. “It is now time to take the plunge, to take external funding and scale the organisation,” she says.

Talking about this achievement, Ms. Nirupama says, “We are very happy that Oxford Economics, a world leader in global forecasting and economics, has recognized us and given us the opportunity to share our case study. Getting ourselves featured in this report is a big feather in our cap. The entire credit goes to my team that has worked hard to make this possible. It is extremely prestigious to be featured in the Oxford report which is based on research and data from renowned professionals.”

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