Life on the other side of the table

As I write this note it has been now around 6 months that I have moved away from being part of a large corporation HCL – (Globally well-known brand, USD5.5 million, 75000 people) to being part of a dream called Ad Astra. The feeling is mixed. Just the last week I had a client ask me how it feels. My answer was the only things I miss are MY OWN CAR PARKING SPACE and MY COFFEE MACHINE. Yes that is what I miss.

Ad Astra – all of USD1.5million, 150+ people – is a place where I see challenges, action and reactions as much as I have seen before in my life. It is not the numbers that determines the character of an organisation. The character of an organisation is determined by the people in the organisation.

  • People who believe in the dream that the organisation is.
  • People who are ready to dream the same dream.
  • People who believe in living that dream.

I have always worked in growing setups in my life. Have seen organisations grow from Rs.4 crores to Rs.100 crores. Have been part of growing from 100 odd people to 3000+ people in ten years. Have seen revenues double in two years. Have seen the tuff times of these organisations where we fought for every rupee in the field and inside the organisation. What made these things happen, was the bonding and belief that the people had. While a number of them came, contributed and preferred to move those of us who stayed and lived our dream saw the creation succeed.

Yes it is different on the other side of the table.

  • From demanding to being demanded.
  • From receiving to delivering.
  • From asking to doing.

But then it looks so much sensible and doable now after all these years of greying and losing hair. The young minds around me keep me alive and thinking and motivating me to share their dreams of a career.

At Ad Astra I see opportunities.

  • Opportunities to learn.
  • Opportunities to grow as a person.
  • Opportunities to grow as a professional.
  • Opportunities to grow with the organisation.
  • Opportunities to build what you always dreamt of building.

I chose to be here and am glad that I made that choice. Life has just started again.

Author Bio: Kalyanaraman J is our Executive Vice President responsible for Ad Astra operations across the North and West of India. You can reach him directly at

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